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Daines Introduces ACA Delay for Medicaid Providers

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Daines Introduces ACA Delay for Medicaid Providers

July 17, 2014

Responding to concerns articulated by Medicaid dependent providers, on Tuesday Congressman Daines (R-MT)  introduced legislation to delay the employer mandate for Medicaid and Medicare providers.

H.R. 5098, Ensuring Medicare and Medicaid Access to Providers, proposes a two year delay  for providers whose three year rolling average of  Medicaid and Medicare reimbursements  total more than 60% of gross receipts.

The full text of the bill is not yet available. ANCOR fully supports the Affordable Care Act but recognizes the need to provide short term relief for Medicaid dependent providers challenged  by state rates that have not been adjusted to reflect the increased costs associated with offering ACA compliant insurance for employees. ANCOR will continue to press for a federal approach to avoid any unintended consequences, and looks forward to working with the Obama Administration, Congressman Daines and other Members of Congress to address this important issue.